About Us

Saunders Boarding Stables has been providing quality care at this location for the past 40 Years. Managed under the watchful eye of Albert (Blackie) Saunders who has now passed on his legacy to his daughter Laura Saunders and his grandson Jordan. 

Laura comes from a financial/business background, growing up on the farm with both her mother and father running horse farms. She spent several years working with  her father at the farm. Has been school in  both  english and  western and has worked with all horses alike, both on the farm and the racetrack. 

Laura being a Yoga Teacher, from with her background she is hoping to add some new flare to her father’s mark of Quality Care. Incorporating on site educational/training programs for boarders. 


Laura and her Family  are insistant on uphold the excellant standard of horse care that has been known to Saunders Stable throughout the years.

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